Seagull Jug #167 Seagull Jug #167 Seagull Jug #167 Seagull Jug #167

Seagull Jug #167

The Seagull Jug was thrown and turned on the potters wheel, the jug was glazed on the inside only. I used stoneware clay and food-safe white glaze. The clay colour on the outside is something between vanilla and magnolia.

One of the purposes would be to use it as an actual jug to pour water, beverages, but some might find it tricky due to the unusual angle of the spout. The other option is to use it as a decorative piece, holder, flower pot or a vase. I personally use the jugs everywhere around the house.

Height: 15,5 cm
Diameter: 8,5 cm

Please note the jugs are made by hand so each one may differ slightly, they all have their own character.

All my work is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is highly recommended for handmade ceramics.

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